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Executive Job Seekers 
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Our outplacement packages include the personal coaching, tools and guidance to quickly connect an individual to their next employer.  We focus on the services that job-seeking professionals need most.

Highly Effective Personal Coaching & Career Transition Support

  • Overcoming Job Loss
  • Self Assessment
  • Determine Career Options
  • Research Potential Employers
  • Establish A Fit
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development
  • Elevator Pitch / 30-Second Sound Bite
  • Employment Introductions
  • Hidden Job Market
  • Hiring Contacts & Job Leads
  • $100K+ Job Listings
  • Networking Strategies
  • Informational Interviews
  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Negotiating Techniques

Client Benefits

Clients will be guided through a series of steps designed to:
1) Enhance confidence and promote growth
2) Facilitate career planning to determine/confirm career choice
3) Develop action plans and strategies to achieve the desired results

More specifically, our outplacement packages cover:

  • Job Loss: How to overcome the loss of a job by focusing on proven strategies that will open doors to new opportunities.
  • Assessment Tests: How to discover the right job and career based on a person's skills, interests, and personal values.
  • Determine Career Options: How to uncover new career options, fine-tune skills, and develop strategies for changing careers.
  • Research Potential Employers: How to make an appropriate match between an employer's needs and the skills, interests, and qualifications of the candidate.
  • Establish A Fit: How to narrow the list of potential employers down to those having the best possible fit of jobs, culture and work environment.
  • Resume & Cover Letter Development: How to craft values-based resume documents to match a candidate's skills, talents and accomplishments to the needs of the right company with the right job.
  • Elevator Pitch / 30-Second Sound Bite: How to create effective messages that briefly convey why one's background and skills qualify them for desired positions.
  • Employment Introductions: How to accelerate reemployment campaigns by connecting with decision-makers from company's the client would most want to work for. We contact employers to present qualifications and make a strong case why an interview with the client will likely result in a mutually satisfying employment relationship.
  • Hidden Job Market: How to succeed in the Hidden Market where 4 out of 5 jobs are filled every day (Source: US Department of Labor). As Hidden Market jobs are not advertised, specialized knowledge and contacts are required to quickly and efficiently achieve significant results.
  • Hiring Contacts & Job Leads: How to utilize Career Playbook's databases of key hiring contacts for over 12 million U.S. organizations, thus allowing individuals to place their resume documents on the desks of hiring authorities with the power to hire or create new positions.
  • $100K+ Job Listings: High-income and executive clients now have access to thousands of new job listings each month from employers and recruiters throughout the USA. $100K+ Job Listings include positions in Sales, Finance, Marketing, Construction, Law, Operations, Human Resources, Sciences, Real Estate, and Technology.
  • Networking Strategies: How to obtain insider knowledge of vacancies or upcoming positions to find a new or better job.  Many job openings are filled through networking and informal contacts.
  • Informational Interviews: How to access the most relevant and up-to-date information to help determine one's next career move, and gain invaluable insight about working in a particular field, industry or position.
  • Job Interview Preparation: How to utilize knowledge, preparation and rapport to secure the right position with the best opportunity to achieve one's full potential.
  • Negotiating Techniques: How to set the stage for a win-win negotiation where there is no loser.

Each of us has very special needs, which determine our purpose or mission in life. We will provide your separated employees with personal coaching and transition support for a highly effective reemployment marketing campaign.

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Career Playbook Corporate Services
Career Playbook is part of Career Related, Inc.

Career Related, a leading career coaching and development firm, offers a full range of affordable outplacement services.  Our cost-effective corporate packages include private coaching and proactive job and career search strategies to help your separated employees find the right job in their chosen field.

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To find out how we can help your employees shorten their job search and quickly achieve reemployment success, please call 949-388-9345 or 800-516-2100.

Pricing.  Please call 949-388-9345 or 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.

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