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95% of job seekers fail to communicate their skills and qualifications in their resumes and their interviews.   For this reason, we include the following Tutorial to help you showcase your strengths.

Examples of Resumes Overview

Knowing the employers needs and how you can solve them is the essential first step before you can even begin writing a resume.  If you are editing an existing resume, you may end up stuffing keywords for the sake of electronic scanners and the resulting copy may look stiff and forced -- and clumsy to read.  More often than not, it's easier to write fresh new copy (with the knowledge of the employer's needs in mind) than editing an existing copy.  With new resume copy you can always plan the content of the page, and exhibit specific solutions to each employers needs.

You need to know whom you are writing for.  This way, you can specifically target your resume copy to the needs of your prospective employer.  This is a must if you want your messages to be absorbed positively by the reader.   Once you determine their most sought after wants, needs and special circumstances, you can cater your special qualities, talents and offerings to the specific needs of the hiring authority.

When the resume content is more or less decided, phrase your qualifications around them.  In short, once you know your target audience and your keywords, combine the two or three most essential skills required for the position.  This way you will have created a very personally appealing and compelling resume document.

Examples of Resumes Tutorial

The strength of a good resume rests on its selection and presentation of basic content.   As you organize your resume, keep in mind the needs of the employer who will be reading it.   Consider what s/he is looking for in a candidate and make it easy for the reader to pick out those skills by selecting appropriate categories, using underlining, boldfacing or capitalizing and presenting relevant examples of experience and skill areas higher on the page.   The categories described within this tutorial as well as the resume examples can be used as guidelines to assist you in organizing your resume.    In constructing a rough draft, do not be concerned with length.   Remember, categories may be omitted or added in later revisions.

Your sole purpose in conducting a job search is to get a job offer!   Second-best is not an option.   To that end, you will need to focus initially on your resume structure, organizational flow and how well it sells you to the reader.

Most of the serious mistakes committed in resumes involve a failure to COMMUNICATE!   Even the most basic information needed to invite and engage readers is often neglected because most job seekers lack the basic skills of communication, on paper and in person, to market their strengths.   Even highly qualified candidates fail to sell the skills and value that employers are looking for in their resumes.

Communicating Value

Many companies struggle in their search for qualified candidates.   They want to hire the right employees, manage them well, and expect them to add value to the organization and have minimum conflict with customers, management and coworkers.

The following examples illustrate various ways of communicating your value to perspective employers:

So-so example: Takes initiative.
Better example: Identifies new business opportunities.
Best example: Identifies ways to use existing products to create new products that will generate additional income.

So-so example: Understands company's business.
Better example: Knows company's mission and products.
Best example: Describes company's mission and products to customers and vendors. Answers any questions they have, or refers them to someone who can.

So-so example: Comfortable using financial software.
Better example: Builds financial worksheets with Excel.
Best example: Creates a monthly Excel balance sheet for the department.  Documents variances from last month and last year. Forecasts following month's balance sheet.

So-so example: Knows the competition.
Better example: Knows primary competitors and their products.
Best example: Maintains a file of competitors, their products, Web site addresses, main clients and sales tactics. Uses competitive information to prepare for sales calls and to create sales materials.

It's easy to see differences among these examples.   The "best example" states a specific outcome of value to the company.

Examples of Qualifications:

Example #1.  17 years of experience in the finance, service and consumer industries.   Expertise in computerized insurance tracking, development of sales territory, sales and customer service training, and operations supervision.   Special skills in: Production/Operation, Training Supervision, Customer Service, Field Service Coordination, Budget Management, Problem Solving.

Example #2.  Top sales performer in computer software.  Increased new accounts by 35%.   Achieved top sales award for 3 consecutive years.   Developed Internet strategies for various clients in 13 Western states.

Example #3.  Veteran photojournalist with extensive regional, national and international experience.  A track record of unhesitatingly accepting assignments at a moment's notice whenever the situation demands.  Strong independent worker, as well as a contributing team member.

Example #4.  10 years experience and accomplishments in sales and customer service.  Have supervised others, handled difficult customers and introduced special promotion and incentive programs.  Strong communication skills and high motivation with the ability to manage and train others.

Example #5.  Human resource manager with 14 years of increasingly responsible positions.  Expertise in areas of: benefits administration, recruiting, training, EEC policy development, employee relations, labor relations.

Example #6.  Polished, persuasive marketing professional with excellent presentation skills.  Creatively marketed and developed products, people and services for three Fortune 100 companies.   A natural team-builder with a high-energy level.   Skilled in: New Product and Package Introductions, Market Segmentation, Special Events Promotions, Supervisor Training.

Examples of Quantifiable results:

So-so example: Managed quality assurance process and responsible for purchasing.
Best example: Managed quality assurance and purchasing for $500M manufacturer of medical equipment resulting in a 50% increase in customer satisfaction.

So-so example: Created multimedia videos using MPEG II compression for CD-ROM publishing customers.
Best example: Developed educational and entertaining multimedia for retail jewelry store catalogs that enhanced client sales efforts.

So-so example: Developed model to determine profit and loss on a per item basis.
Best example: Analyzed product profitability and utilized data to develop new pricing program leading to a revenue increase of $200M.

So-so example: Managed and grew a commercial loan portfolio for 28 of the most important customers which totaled over $500M in assets.
Best example: Managed and grew commercial loan portfolio of 28 customers with assets totaling over $500M.

In Closing...

The purpose of a resume is to get that all-important interview.   It must be strong, exciting and enticing to the prospective employer.   A resume can only be prepared properly after extensive research, to uncover what the company and hiring manager really need and how your skills, talents and accomplishments qualify you for the position.

Need more tips and advice on resume writing?   If so, please click on the following free resume guide link now!

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