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95% of all job candidates make a fatal mistake
when preparing their resume. They fail to stand out. The result?
Their resume ends up being ignored or rejected.

Are you getting "less than satisfying results" from your resume writing efforts?   Are you about to embark upon a job search campaign?   Invest a few minutes now to increase your resume writing success.  Take advantage of our free resume evaluation and free resume critique.   We'll review your resume and offer free expert advice on how to improve your document before you risk your entire search on a poorly prepared resume or cover letter.  -- The Career Playbook Team

You're ready to market the world's greatest product YOU!

Is your resume up to the challenge?   In order to compete against the estimated three to four million job seekers actively involved in their search, your resume must meet the tough standards of today's tight job market.

As a full-time job hunter and part-time resume writer you may be unaware of the many issues that can negatively impact your employment opportunities.   More specifically, in your haste to create the perfect resume, you may have overlooked an important guiding principle of resume development: The Employer's Perspective.

The easiest way to understand this perspective is to think like an employer.   Place yourself in their position.  What is this employer looking for?   What would set a truly exceptional candidate apart from a merely good one?   Always remember that each employer and each position have very different needs.   Your ability to meet and exceed the demands of the position, in both your written and oral presentations, will determine the level of success you'll enjoy.

Research shows that out of every 100 resumes submitted for a job opening, only 5 applicants are invited to an interview.  Of the 95 that are rejected; 80 contain flaws such as missing skills, careless spelling, disorganized content, or formatting errors.   The remaining 15 do not convince or "sell" the employer on the candidate's qualifications to perform the necessary functions of the job.

The Top 4 concerns of most job seekers about their search:

  • Their resume is drawing "very little" interest or interviews
  • They have been in "job search mode" anywhere from 3 to 9 months
  • The loss of earnings during unemployment range from $30,000 to $72,000
  • Their greatest fear is cash flow and inability to meet financial obligations

Our free resume evaluation and review does not simply critique the content of your resume - but also the appearance, design and layout.   The main focus of our critical review is directed toward strengths and weaknesses with an emphasis on the organized flow of information, and how you market or sell yourself based on the evidence of value and contributions offered.   We also check for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Our free critique or critical review may prevent your resume from being rejected by pointing out problems before potential employers see them.   Our experienced resume writers will provide a thorough evaluation of how well your resume competes in the marketplace or where it may fall short.

Bottom Line: The purpose of our free resume evaluation is to inform you of the standards and quality your potential new boss expects from your resume documents.

By the way, in addition to our free resume evaluation and resume critique, we also provide a free online resume writing guide in our site, which includes actual resume examples we wrote for clients.   Each sample resume shown resulted in a job.  You can click on the following free resume guide link now, or return here after you've read this column.

Click here to view our free resume writing guide

More on... Our Free Resume Evaluation and Free Resume Critique

You are a talented professional in terms of skills and accomplishments.  You have spent hours preparing and writing your resume, and you want a professional resume evaluation and review which points out problems before submitting it to potential employers.

Or perhaps you have posted your resume to job sites, contacted recruiters and answered classified ads, but either nothing is happening, or you are missing out on opportunities that match your qualifications and you don't know why.

A resume can be an effective tool in your job search arsenal.  The challenge is getting your resume delivered, opened, read, and acted upon by the hiring authority!

Hiring Contact Names
For over 20 Million Companies!

We can provide the names of Key Hiring Executives with the Power to Say "Yes!"

Click here for more info on Hiring Contact Names

The following free information can save you time, money and energy finding the job you really want.

The most common strategy utilized by 95% of all job hunters involves searching Internet Job Sites and scanning Classified Ads.  The problem with this "strategy" is the intense competition you face for the small number of advertised jobs available.

Question: What are YOU DOING to differentiate yourself from others?  Your response will determine the success or failure of your job search.

Success at anything in life requires that you employ a strategy to attain the high visibility you need to stand out from your peers!   In other words, be different by refocusing your efforts on unique techniques and proven strategies to aggressively market yourself.

Another problem we see is that many people spend all their time "tweaking" their resume, yet little or no time is spent fashioning the actual offer of value to the employer which states: Here is what you will get for your money if you hire me.

Rather than fancy words, potential employers want your resume to show how you can solve problems and add value and profit to their bottom line.

Here is what employers expect to find in your resume:
- Relevant experience that fulfills their needs
- Compelling evidence or proof that you are as good as you say you are

The content of your resume must emphasize quickly that you possess the skills, background and qualifications that relate directly to the requirements necessary to perform with excellence.   Keep in mind that the design and layout of your resume must be equally appealing, in other words, easy on the reader's eyes.

The information you present throughout your resume documents must be RELEVANT to what the employer is looking for.  The key to relevancy is researching your prospective employers to determine how you can best solve their most urgently felt needs, problems or desires.

The top third/half of your resume is the Headline or snapshot of your skills and accomplishments.   Your work experience is the rest of the story or the proof that you have the background, skills and qualifications necessary to meet or exceed expectations and requirements of the position.

Keep your resume brief.  Interviews provide the opportunity to elaborate on your work history.   Your resume should represent a true picture of who you are, what you've done, and where you want to go.

A powerful resume should reflect your personality, values, determination and will to achieve, and portray you as a confident professional.

Remember that you only have a few seconds to capture the reader's attention and make them want to read the rest of your resume.  The quickest way to accomplish this goal is to stay on message, sell your strengths and prove that you can produce value.

The key to any good marketing letter is to grab people's attention, senses and emotions.   Give them just enough to pull them in (your resume), and make them want to hear more (your interview).   You want to provide enough relevant details and background information to make the reader want to interview you.

Keep in mind that most companies are looking for leaders with a "take charge" attitude.   Employers want candidates to have a sense of where the organization is headed and what they must do to make a contribution.  Organizations place a high priority on persons who can assume responsibility and motivate co-workers.  Make certain your resume promotes your leadership ability.

Employers will expect your resume to concisely detail the value you will bring to their organization.   Hiring authorities expect your best efforts will be utilized in presenting an error free document that distinguishes you from other candidates.

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