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A note about the cover letter... YOUR MAGIC DOOR OPENER!

You only have a few seconds to impress your next boss.

If you are applying for a job you really want and are highly qualified for, you must understand how critical a cover letter is in determining your future with that organization.

All it takes is 10 to 30 seconds for the average employer to decide whether to contact you for an interview or throw your cover letter and resume into the circular file. Not much time considering how long it took you to prepare them. At least 90% of all job applicants are rejected during this initial screening process.

Most job hunters fail to recognize the importance of cover letters. They focus on their resume and spend very little time composing their cover letter, yet the cover letter is the key that opens the door to interviews. In short, the cover letter is the most important letter you will ever write.

Employers may receive hundreds of resumes and cover letters for a single job posting and do not take the time to review them in much detail - until they find the one they've been waiting for! Their trained eyes quickly scan cover letters to spot keywords and information matching the job description. A great cover letter introduces you to an employer and explains why you are one of the best qualified candidates applying for the position. A great cover letter quickly identifies your potential value to an organization by focusing on your strongest qualifications.

All cover letters are not created equally. We'll begin yours on a clean sheet of paper (from scratch). It takes a lot of time to address the critical needs that each employer and each job requires. The cover letter we write for you will be made up of carefully chosen words, phrases and sentences that clearly establish you as a leading contender based on your strengths and achievements. Our goal is to create a clear, concise and enticing document that distinguishes you from the other job candidates and motivates the employer to read your resume.

This is why you should include a cover letter with each resume you submit. It's your Magic Door Opener which makes the employer want to read your resume and invite you in for an interview. It's the Magic Door Opener that takes the reader from the headline (your cover letter), to the story (your resume), to being offered your next job (your interview). When well-documented and written correctly it's a natural and seamless progression, which will produce absolutely superb results.

The Career Playbook Team

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