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Our resume and career services consist of custom designed resume writing packages, high-impact job search packages, access to database records of over 20 million companies, carefully targeted resume distribution, career coaching, and job interview coaching services.   In short, we can dramatically improve the quality and performance of your job search marketing campaign.

On the surface, resume writing firms appear very much the same, providing similar services and making similar claims.   The Career Playbook Advantage takes the form of unique processes and techniques that produce a total solution of fresh, up-to-date marketing strategies to maximize your success.  Let us explain how our approach can positively impact your job and career objectives.

When you partner with us and our professional team of resume writers and career coaches to plan, organize and execute your proactive job search, you can expect the following results:

1.  Preparation is essential:   How you respond to the 10 stages of your job search will determine your success.  Lack of preparation is the single most overlooked aspect of the job search and the primary reason most job seekers do not achieve their goals.  Our clients succeed because they are thoroughly prepared, well-organized and highly focused on their job search.  Career Playbook will provide a complete system of proven tools, resources and strategies to help you find the right job in the right career, faster.

2.  Expert resume writing services:   Our skilled resume writers will create powerful resume documents with carefully chosen words, phrases and sentences that quickly grab the reader's attention, and help them discover why it is in their best interest to invite you to an interview.

3.  More effective results:   Our proven methods can help you Win The Job Search Game by gaining a better understanding of how to market yourself effectively to prospective employers.  Learn how to successfully communicate under stressful situations involving multiple interviews with hiring authorities from CEO's to department managers, team leaders, peer groups and unexpected participants ?all attempting to determine your "fit" for the position.

4.  Shorter job finding cycle:   Assessment of your skills, interests and personality profiles will identify core strengths that produce the value you will bring to potential employers early in the job search cycle.   This essential information will help define your step-by-step action plan which is critical to guiding your job and career search to a successful conclusion.

5.  Raise the bar:   We provide all the right tools you need to quickly establish credibility at the highest levels.   Truly understanding how your skills, talents and qualifications can solve your target employer's greatest needs, challenges and desires will be far more powerful than what most other job candidates will present when applying for the same position.

6.  Uncover suitable employers earlier:   Your time and efforts are extremely valuable!  Determining potential employers early in your search will allow you to zero in on only those opportunities most appropriate for your career objectives.  This critical marketing intelligence will justify the substantial commitment of time and energy in thoroughly evaluating the employer's needs and preparing your proposed solutions.

7.  Make them want you:   Hiring managers have been known to alter job descriptions to fit the desired candidate's qualifications.  Quite often, employers feel the cost of not hiring a qualified candidate can be a costly mistake, especially if the candidate is likely to end up with a major competitor.   Companies are always looking for talented individuals whose efforts result in reducing costs, streamlining production, or increasing revenue.  When the right candidate is presented, an employer may even create a new position based on the person's strengths and qualifications.  They know that the right candidate will add a lot more value and profit than they will cost in salary and benefits.

8.  Deliver strong compelling messages:  We show you how to deal with any fears and intimidation, sharpen your communication skills, and deliver consistently articulate, poised and compelling presentations.  Gain the confidence required to effectively communicate your qualifications with enthusiasm, clarity and power.

9.  Develop influential contacts:   Create a climate of trust and respect through the utilization of a networking system where every conversation distinguishes you from the typical unfocused and disorganized job applicant.   Experience the satisfaction of having your networking contacts become actively involved in your search by providing critical details on job leads, industry trends and insider strategies to help you succeed.

10.  More job interviews:   Superior knowledge of your prospective employers needs, and the precise execution of your proactive job and career strategies, will enable you to differentiate yourself and your solutions from the competition.

11.  Interview for the right jobs:   By taking the time to research the right companies early in your search you are able to narrow the list of potential employers down to those having the best possible fit of jobs, culture and work environment.  This means that precious time and resources are spent investigating job opportunities that match up to your talents, skills, interests, values and personality.

12.  Negotiate to win the job:  The purpose of any negotiation is to achieve a "win-win" solution where there is no loser.   Both sides must feel that they are satisfied with the outcome and that no one feels like they have had to give up too much.

13.  The key to success:   The common link to every successful job search lies in the level of commitment one makes to achieve optimum results.  We will provide you with the tools and guidance, but you will have to do the work.  All it takes is the desire to find the job you can be passionate about, in a career you'll love!

14.  Always remember:   There is no one thing that's going to make you successful.   It's many things.  It's a process.   And without a well thought out and executed strategy that brings all the elements together, you will fail to get the job and career you deserve.

15.  Superb Results:   We will provide the tools, resources and strategies you need, to get that job offer, and Win The Job Search Game!

Pricing.  Please call 949-388-9345 or 800-516-2100 for a Free Quote and Consultation.

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